Key Features

Mobile Application

mobile application
  • The Loyaltyworx mobile application allows your customers to keep track of their loyalty purchases, rewards, your promotions.
  • Incase you're wondering, yes our mobile app does run on both iOS and android
  • Fully customisable, from branding all the way down to text colour, the choice is all yours. You have all the power to ensure your brand is noticed and stands out.

Custom Member Levels

member group
  • Loyaltyworx allows you to control, create, theme, brand and do basically anything you want to with your own member levels.
  • Each Member level has a minimum spend requirement, each subsequent member level comes with more rewards for your customers, this encourages purchases and returns and more engagement on the customers part.
  • Last but not least, you can have as much member levels as you desire, thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds even, its all a possible with Loyaltyworx

Notification, sms and email notification on rewards and bonuses

push notification
  • Encourage online and offline store visits with alerts to available rewards and bonuses.
  • Smss ensure that customers can be updated even when they're offline, so you never have to worry about your customers missing out on those awesome promotions or important messages that need their attention promptly.

Discount & Loyalty Levels

vertical settings mixer
  • Loyalty levels, which are controlled by you are used to decide how much your customer should receive in points for each loyalty purchase based on their loyalty level.
  • Discount levels are used to control how much your customers can get off their loyalty
  • Each Discount & Loyalty Level is linked to your customers' loyalty level

Sign On, Anniversary, Birthday Bonus/Reward

loyaltyworx gift
  • Loyaltyworx provides you with the option to grant your customers a welcome gift, this is completely optional, not only can you enable/disable this option you can also select the amount you'd like to grant them upon joining the loyalty programme.
  • Birthday and Anniversary bonuses is your way of showing your customers that you remember and appreciate their loyalty. It also allows you to re-engage at risk customers. This options, like the Sign On Bonus is completely confgurable.

Fraud Detection

warning shield
  • We would never let you suffer a loss because of malicious users attempting exploit the system. Our IFDS (Intelligent Fraud Detection System) has got your back.
  • We have fraud detection in place that allows you to decide how many loyalty transactions, redeem transactions, etc are considered a normal amount per card, per day. Not only does this protect our clients from losses, it also helps in regulating your customers' use of their loyalty cards. Think of it as their super power that works on your terms.

Redeem Confirmation

  • Loyaltyworx has your customers covered with our redeem confirmation notifications, for a more secure loyalty experience on the your customers' behalf.
  • We strive to put the system in the control of our users, therefore this option is also customisable by your customers for those who feel comfortable enough to secure their own loyalty accounts.


  • There's no better place to get feedback than from your own customers. Getting the opinion of your customers ensures that you know where you stand and areas that you can improve in. This is a great opportunity to attract new customers as well.
  • Like most of our other features in Loyaltyworx, our surveys are also customisable by you. You get to choose what you'd like to ask your customers and whether or not you'd like to reward them for their valuable feedback *hint: You'd probably want to reward them for assisting you.